Alumni stories

Leaders-for-a-Day: JA Alumni share their story

  • Gréta Panna Tóth, Hungary

    Gréta Panna Tóth, Hungary

    Prior to L4D participated in various Young Enterprise programs Through shadowing my mentor, I've learnt how empathy can benefit a leader and how important social initiatives are for any business.

  • Bjarne Christoph Astor, Germany

    Bjarne Christoph Astor, Germany

    Prior to L4D participated in Junior expert (Student Company Program Germany), COYC2015 Berlin, COYC2017 Brussels

    Leaders-for-a-Day was very insightful as I got to experience the working day of the Chief Operating Officer of a multinational (Tine Vandenbreeden, SAP BeLux). My leader showed me how to handle a massive workload professionally and how to adapt to different settings and people immediately, smoothly and authentically.

  • Alissa Kovarik, Austria

    Alissa Kovarik, Austria

    Prior to L4D, participated in JA Company Programme, ESP

    It was an awesome, unique and extraordinary experience, which really broadened my horizon. Apart from spending my time with the other students, who share the same passion for entrepreneurship and have so many great different points of view, being able to shadow my leader for one day was just extraordinary.

  • Roxana Tompea, Romania/United Kingdom

    Roxana Tompea, Romania/United Kingdom

    Prior to L4D, participated in "Company of the Year" competition in Bucharest, Ro and London, UK - 2013

    I've attended the "L4D" programme in Brussels without any specific expectations, and that was probably the best thing I could have done in terms of personal and professional learning.

  • Jade Thibaut, Belgium

    Jade Thibaut, Belgium

    Prior to L4D, participated in the LJE Mini-company programme.

    I learnt so many things thanks to this experience! First, from the leaders I had the chance to shadow of course! They took the time to explain everything I needed to know about their company and they answered all my questions about what it is like to be that kind of leader.

  • Emma Gatt from Malta

    Emma Gatt from Malta

    With the Company Programme I’ve learned how to solve problems in the real world. For that is entrepreneurship: solving problems. The ESP gives the chance to show what you achieved and helps to show employers that you have that edge!

  • Anna-Marie Freiberg from Germany

    Anna-Marie Freiberg from Germany

    I will always remember the 19. of October, where I got the opportunity from JA Europe to follow a leader for a day. I was allowed to follow Martina Dlabajova, an MEP of the European Parliament.

  • Kristjan Erik Liive from Estonia

    Kristjan Erik Liive from Estonia

    The Leaders-for-a-Day experience did not meet my expectations. It exceeded them by far! As much as I tried to imagine what it would look and feel like, I still could not get it right. On the 19th of October I was shadowing Susan Danger, the CEO of AmCham EU, at their headquarters in Brussels.

  • Inês Bernardes from Portugal

    Inês Bernardes from Portugal

    On the 19th October 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to “shadow” Elke de Loecker, the European Sales Director of Tapfin, a company from the Manpower Group.

    The day I spent with her was truly enriching!

  • Lara Fizaine from Belgium

    Lara Fizaine from Belgium

    Ever since my first encounter with Junior Achievement just about ten years ago, this organization has continually inspired and empowered me to develop my entrepreneurial spirit. Leaders-for-a-Day did it again, and more.

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