The ESP is a complex and high level learning path. The final exam requires students' attention, critical and productive thinking. Direct teaching in addition to the JA Company Programme and/or individual study is necessary. To this end, some additional learning materials are available for both teachers and students.

  • Syllabus is an useful tool for understanding the learning outcomes of the JA Company Programme and the main topics of the final exam.
  • Glossary provides a list of business terms and concepts which are useful to guide the students from the mini-company experience to the final exam.

Teachers across Europe play a strategic role to guide and coach the students. For this reason a step-by-step description of the qualification process and a detailed explanation about how to use these learning resources and other ones, such as the Virtual Guide to Entrepreneurial Learning, is provided in a Teacher Toolkit that is available for them.

For access, please contact the JA office in your country.

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