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HP Foundation and JA Europe are collaborating together to support students in their online learning journey. The HP LIFE online courses are designed for students to learn what they need to know to establish a business. The easy access of the courses provides the opportunity for users to learn more about design thinking, how to be an effective leader as well as providing useful learning content about basic finances. Students can learn at their own pace in their own time across 5 thematic areas (communication, start-up and innovation, finance, marketing and operation). The courses are modular, interactive providing detailed information and practical exercises that enable users to grow their entrepreneurial skills. 

The program is accessed directly by independent learners and is also used by educators, trainers, and mentors to enrich the student Company Programme curriculum. HP LIFE e-Learning courses are easy to use, fun and interactive can be used as standalone training, as homework, or for participatory and team-based activities.




Access HP LIFE e-learning courses HERE


The HP LIFE courses can support students during their preparation for the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass exam. An analysis of the results of ESP so far shows that students need to focus their attention on the study of the financial issues. Therefore, we suggest to enhance their preparation by taking the following HP LIFE e-Learning courses:

Completing the suggested HP LIFE e-Learning courses will help students to strengthen their knowledge/skills and be ready for the final exam in order to obtain their Entrepreneurial Skills Pass Certificate. 

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