Leaders stories

Christine Vanormelingen, Global Head of Communications, EUROCLEAR

The fact of being 'shadowed' for a day helps you reflect on how 'inclusive' you need to be towards the 'Leader-for-a-day'. It also helps you express the true value of the company throughout your day, so pushes you to be relevant in everything you say or do.

Mentoring is a lot about sharing your experience and your insights so they help young people take direction and make a number of decisions. It is one of the strong ways to help young people feel valued and listened to while at the same time you provide them with insights and learnings in a non oppressing way. [I believe the impact of greater uptake of entrepreneurship programmes] would definitely build the bridge between the academic world and the professional world and help both worlds to understand each others needs and define greater opportunities together.

I wish for the next generation to have the capabilities and mental freedom to build a long term future for themselves and the world they live in.

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