Alliance for YOUth companies to create 300,000 new opportunities by 2025 to support youth

27 October 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on society and especially on young people. The last statistics prove it: youth unemployment is again on the rise, with more than 3 million young people already concerned in Europe1. More than ever, efforts are needed to support young people and avoid a lockdown generation.

The Alliance for YOUth companies have today announced that they will create 300,000* new opportunities for your young people across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa by 2025. Despite the pandemic, the 300 companies of the Alliance in Europe want to sustain their efforts and provide first jobs, apprenticeships and traineeships to help launch careers. The participating companies also want to equip the young generation with the right digital and green skills to shape the society of tomorrow.

Initiated by Nestlé in 2014, the Alliance for YOUth is a business-driven initiative that unites like-minded companies who want to help young people entering the job Market. European members of the Alliance for YOUth include Adecco Group, BT, Cargill, CEMEX, ENGIE, EY, Facebook, Firmenich, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nielsen, Publicis Groupe, Salesforce, Solvay White & Case. Many of these companies are also member of the Global Alliance for YOUth

Under the leadership of EY, the Alliance for YOUth companies are also joining forces with Junior Achievement Europe – Europe’s largest provider of entrepreneurship education – to help young Europeans gain entrepreneurial skills. Through this partnership, more than 550 students already obtained their Entrepreneurial Skills Pass international qualification over the last three years.

Marco Settembri, CEO of Nestlé Zone Europe, Middle East and North Africa said: “Investing in youth is the single most important investment for society. With our Alliance for YOUth partners, we have already offered more than 450 000 jobs and training opportunities since the launch of the initiative in 2014. I’m proud that we’re continuing this journey all together”.

Speaking at the Alliance for YOUth online event, Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights said: ”The Commission is committed to helping young people bounce back stronger from the pandemic, and become equipped for the changing labour market. In the Youth Employment Support package we presented in July, we set out ways to help young people get a job or more training, develop their skills, secure apprenticeships, and bridge the gap to finding a job. The Alliance for YOUth initiative is a model of business cooperation that others can take inspiration from, having already exceeded its original target of offers. I want to thank the Alliance and all its partners for their efforts and dedication to supporting young people”.

Rosaline Corinthien, CEO BU France Renouvelables at ENGIE said: “Neutral-carbon transition is a necessity to pass on the planet ‘safe and healthy’ to the young generations. That is why ENGIE relies on youth to accelerate this transformation, by providing them with dedicated training programs and jobs in the field of renewables, energy efficiency and digital innovation”.

Julie Teigland, EMEIA Area Managing Partner at EY said: “Supporting the next generation to find and sustain meaningful work is an imperative for organizations and institutions. Through our journey with the Alliance for YOUth, we’re reinforcing the strong EY commitment to equip young people with transferable skills for future work. Our youth is effectively the most powerful source of renewable energy in our economy today! We all need to ensure that we leave a legacy by equipping them with digital and sustainability skills!” 

Casper Klynge, Vice President for European Government Affairs, Microsoft said: “Equipping young people with relevant digital skills to succeed in the new world of work has never been more important. It is a shared responsibility and Microsoft is proud to contribute as part of the Alliance for YOUth as well as with our own skills initiative. We’ve committed to upskill 25 million people worldwide by the end of 2020 and have reached more than 10 million learners already, including 1.5 million within the EU”.

Salvatore Nigro, CEO, JA Europe said: "We cannot afford a lost generation of youth, and therefore we must seize this opportunity to support schools and invest in education in order to avoid growing inequalities and lost potential. We are grateful to the Alliance for YOUth for the collaboration on the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass micro-credential and for providing further opportunities to young people building on their entrepreneurial experience at school."

* This commitment of creating 300,000 opportunities by 2025 is taken by the 15 European members of the Alliance for YOUth which include Adecco Group, BT, Cargill, CEMEX, ENGIE, EY, Facebook, Firmenich, Microsoft, Nestlé, Nielsen, Publicis Groupe, Salesforce, Solvay, White & Case.

About the Alliance for YOUth

Initiated by Nestlé in 2014, the Alliance for YOUth is committed to giving young people meaningful work opportunities and experiences, through traineeships and apprenticeships. The companies also mobilize their employees to go out into the community and help young people get ready for work by offering practical advice, CV clinics and interview preparation. The ‘Alliance for YOUth’ companies are active members of the European Commission’s European Alliance for Apprenticeships, promoting apprenticeships and training as active ambassadors of vocational training across Europe.

European members of the Alliance for YOUth include workforce solutions provider Adecco Group, multinational telecommunications company BT, international food group Cargill, multinational building materials company CEMEX, Global Energy Player ENGIE, professional services organization EY, social networking company Facebook, perfume and flavor firm Firmenich, technology company Microsoft, food and drink producer Nestlé, consumer insights group Nielsen, communications firm Publicis Groupe, technology firm Salesforce, chemicals and advanced materials company Solvay and international law firm White & Case. To date, more than 300 companies across Europe have joined the ‘Alliance for YOUth’. Many of these companies are also members of the Global Alliance for YOUth.

1. According to Eurostat, News release, Euro indicators, 1 October 2020:

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